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Anonymous said: your opinion on racebending RWBY characters?


I’m quite surprised I got this question, anon. But here’s my comment on the issue because I see it a lot recently

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People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

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chaos2go said: Sonic, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, AND YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER FROM SMASH >C

Sonic: My most wanted characters for the next Super Smash Bros. Game.

  • I already got 6 of them in actually. Ever since a while back I had actually thought of a smash bros moveset for Rosalina (Sakurai pulled it better but still). Then 2 other ones i wanted and/or kinda predicted were Little Mac and Lucina (Lucina as a Marth Alternate outfit though but still). As for the fourth one? I wanted a character quirky as hell and one that NO ONE could ever predict or see coming. Which fills the bill? Wii Fit Trainer Mojo jojos >:D Haters gonna Hat and i will be screwing people over with her just to get hats in the mail <w<
    I also wanted to see Palutena OR MEDUSA in cause they are both pretty boss and would bring the mysticism of magic Rosalina doesn’t exactly carries as well. Wished we would have got medusa but Palutena is a smart and good choice eitherway.
    Finally, the one character i wanted to see was a Mii as a playable character. I wasn’t sure how they could have pulled it off and because of that i was kind of over the fence of “Should they go for it or not?” i wanted them in, but not sure how. Mii Fighters really got it for me now and i am even working on a project for custom original ones i created myself
    I guess it’s easier to say who i dont care for as a newcomer? Greninja and Villager are pretty “Meh” for me.
    BUT let’s at least try for a character that isn’t in the game yet and i would like to see alright? I actually have a list of them already done cause i was planning to make a video about it. THANKS TIFFY >C XD
    Keep in mind that this list actually is titled “Characters i deem worthy for a smash 5” so look out for the Italic characters to see who i would like in in Smash 4: Paper Mario, Waluigi, Bowser Jr., Dixie Kong, Ashley, Impa (Maybe Ghirahim too), Medusa, Bandana Dee, Krystal, Lyn, Porky, Isaac, Saki, Dillon, Takamaru, More Mii Fighters.
    I Could go into detail with each, but i want to make a video out of it and this one got long enough as it is XD;;

Pichu: Part of a game that makes me question the developer’s decision making skills.

  • I can’t actually think of one moment like this, but i can indeed recall one that has been bugging me for a while now.
    Tripping in brawl is a rather unfamous gimmick that turned off a lot of people. Sure, it added to the randomness that Sakurai wanted but if you want people to have fun, you can at least give them the option to turn tripping off in the same fashion that you can take out items.
    This is not why i question some of Sakurai’s decisions though, No. It has more to do with… surprisingly enough… the competitive aspect of it.
    I have never been one to play super competitive and I’m certainly no “Melee fan, Brawl hater” at all. I love both games equally for what they are.
    BUT and i have to question it with all my being… how can someone say “We don’t want to make the game competitive because that scene is small, so by making it closer to a party game it will appeal to a wider audience” ?
    It doesn’t work that way and it has been proved time and time again by Capcom no less. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3? Competitive. Ultra Street Fighter IV? Competitive. Guess who has fun with those games? That’s right: Competitive players AND Casual gamers.
    Competitive and casual gamers are not mutually exclusive. In fact, by making the game more balance you make sure that no matter which character a casual gamer picks, they have the same chances of winning if they know a bit of what they are doing.
    By adding things like the L-Canceling and wavedashing and all that jazz, you add layers so that the competitive scene can be all “Oh, i want to improve more so i will put hours upon hours into the game to be a better player and find super cool stuff”. Don’t you want the competitive scene spreading the word of how cool your game is instead of having them against you?
    It’s just something that really bothers me that i wish would change. But until then i know i will have fun playing Smash 4 and, when i want to be super competitive on the mean time, i will play the Project M mod.

Pkmn Trainer: What kind of pet I would have from the world of video games..

  • An useful one. I would get that one character that allows me to keep doing my stuff. Perhaps a pokemon that keeps electricity running so that i can keep drawing. Maybe an AI that uses my voice commands to do computer stuff. Heck, if we get over the top then maybe one that controls time and such. All is open to what the options are and would have to think a bit more on this but i would probs go for an AI

Snake: A cutscene I really love..

  • I FREAKING LOVEcrossover cutscenes. Even Animation that features crossovers is a huge “YAY!” for me. That trailer of Link vs Pit for Palutena’s Trailer? LOVED IT. Those semi-cutscenes in Kid Icarus: Uprising? AWESOME. That particular scene in Brawl where Marth and Metaknight duke it out? How about that one scene where Mario and Link fight because of a misunderstanding? *continues to blabber about*
Send me a Smash Brother and I'll tell you:

Mario: My favorite video game series, and favorite game in the series.

Luigi: A character I would like to see get more attention.

Peach: A character I'd like to get a kiss from.

Bowser: A boss battle that I love

Donkey Kong: A bad guy I'd like to see become good.

Diddy Kong: Favorite sidekick character, or a character I think could use a sidekick.

Yoshi: A character that I think deserves their very own spinoff series.

Wario: A character I don't like in one of my favorite series.

Link: A game or a part of a game that really tested my courage.

Zelda: A game that had the most or one of the most perplexing puzzles.

Sheik: A plot twist I really like.

Ganondorf: An item from a game I'd do anything to have.

Toon Link: A series I think could use a new look.

Samus: A character who's outfit I'd totally wear.

Zero Suit Samus: A character who I'd like more backstory for.

Pit: An older game or series I'd like to see get revived for a sequel.

Ice Climber: A game I love to play with others.

R.O.B.: My favorite gaming accessory.

Kirby: A Character who's abilities you'd love to have.

Metaknight: A gaming mystery you'd really like to see cleared up.

King Dedede: A series you can't get enough of.

Olimar: A game that feels like it took ( or is taking ) forever to be releaed.

Fox: A game you enjoy but other people don't really seem to.

Falco: A game I am unusually good at.

Wolf: A gaming Cliche I'd like to see put to rest.

Captain Falcon: Competitive multiplayer, or co-op?

Pikachu: Favorite Pokemon

Pokemon Trainer: What kind of pet I would have from the world of video games.

Lucario: A game everyone seems to enjoy but you can't get into.

Jigglypuff: A song I really like from a game.

Marth: A game I never played but would really like to.

Ike: My Smash Bros. Mains

Ness: A game I regret not experiencing when It was new.

Lucas: A game I really wish they would localize in my region.

Mr. Game &amp; Watch: Classic games, or modern games?

Snake: A cutscene I really love.

Sonic: My most wanted characters for the next Super Smash Bros. Game

Roy: A character I would replace with another character ( from the same game or a different one )

Mewtwo: A character in one of my favorite series that I wish would make another appearance

Dr. Mario: Favorite Alternate Outfit?

Pichu: Part of a game that makes me question the developer's decision making skills.

Young Link: A game that I consider my childhood.


Nintendo’s sales haven’t been what they hoped for or expected, so all the executives got together and made the decision to cut their salaries in half to ensure their employees still get paid. They say it’s the fault of the executives that the products aren’t selling well, not their employees, so it isn’t fair for the employees to have to take the hits for that.

Why are there people who don’t like or respect Nintendo again?

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Understanding the Concept behind Rayleen

Ok, so after that ask thingie challenge i had a couple of ideas that i should probably write down. It’s nothing majorly new per se, but its likely something i haven’t shared i think.

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metroid-tamer said: Tell me abouuuut Rayleen. For the character meme. >w>

Ye, An OC of mine! :’D

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: No one yet. Ever since her conception i never see her dating anyone actually. She is one of those characters that you dont see shipped or something. Though it kinda makes sense with how she was originally conceived as a being that manipulates energy and turns it into matter (for her body) and all that jazz. The character has seen a lot of changes though so i dunno, it might be possible in the future but for now i would have to say she is either Demisexual or Asexual.

brotp: Oddly enough, you would figure i would have at least given her a partner in justice or something but the closest to that are 2 different things. Jeremiah Unvorsum (who i will talk about below) and the Mildec Mercenaries. Black Widow, Eyesigh and Piruet are the closest to “partners” she gets (as of yet) and even they developed to do their own thing XD;;

As for Jeremiah, i would say it’s more of a father - daughter kind of relationship actually (Or even Grandfather - Granddaughter). He is called out to contain Rayleen when the GF found her and she was still a being made of pure energy. Something he finds odd is how Rayleen listens and calms her outbursts in his presence. After research and experimenting he finds out that Rayleen is Galatea’s creation (via small clues Galatea leaves to either just mark her work as hers or to tease him. that bit of story is undecided and subject to change).

So yeah, as time passes Jeremiah is both her link to the mildec mercenaries and the one for the GF to go to when the topic of Rayleen comes up.

general opinions: She is a character that has gone through a loooooot of development. Part of me wants to keep those “Lame metroid OC” moments she had and tweak them for them to work out, but as she have kept developing and changing i’ve found myself in that place where you tweak something so much that it’s no longer a “reference” of sorts but rather a new thing.

Part of the reason why she hasn’t develop in terms of contacts or even her mission (Cause right now she is just a heavy gun that the GF sometimes commission for flashy missions and raw power) is because i had yet to come to a spot where i was happy with the OC, knowing that she was no longer that “Samus clone” that metroid OCs tend to be sometimes. Kudos to Fera for that old joke-stab guide on Metroid OCs though, it was quite helpful.

I can say that i am reaching that point soon though and that developing the world around her (with Jeremiah, the mildec mercenaries and some other tidbits here and there) have also helped on that aspect. I am now certainly looking forward to working on her more actually.

Oh man, this was fun. oh man. As a bonus for the question please have a sketch of 2014 Rayleen.

and a song from FTL i really like when thinking about Sci Fi stuff: Click here!


I DARE YOU TO. In fact, imma do this just to make you angry

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Some woman he might get together with later when he obviously is seen as a Hero by other skyloftians because he is one of the first peeps to explore groose land (and probably one of the least fearful when first contacts happen)

brotp: Old lady dude shipping.  ye. was there every any doubt? I feel that Old lady patted dude’s face and went “Brah, you need to stahp with that shizzy attitude” and everything improved from there. Groose became the hero… the one we all deserve, not the one we need

general opinions: Groose is a chill bro. Freaking butt at the beginning but then he turns a new wing and becomes one of the most useful NPCs. Also, the groosinator is totally a thing iziar would do so theres a plus.

Now, who got who to do Groose without even requesting them officially? >:D ….wait

chaos2go said: I DEMAND TO KNOW ABOUT................................................................................................................................. FI


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Ghirahim of course…. because THE FANDOM DOES IT. Actually no. Screw shipping Non-gendered characters who know 0 about love (and even struggle to feel it) just so that they can have little daggers and grow old and rusty or something. |D

brotp: Fi x Scrapper. The little bot is a butt… what better way to get back at him by having Fi order him to make  a silly little dance? I’m saddened you could not command FI to command him tho :’c

general opinions: Fi is a very solid character. She actually brings so much pain to people who are fans of her cause… you know |D but OTHER THAN THAT she clears her purpose of being the “AI character” archetype and that’s why i really like her. HATERS GONNA HATE but all the “Your batteries are low” and “There’s a 4% this kikwi is actually zelda” ? Charming as all heck. If there is ever a canon game where we see her again i can only hope to see how she develops. We kinda left her to sleep just when she was starting to realize an emotion.